Our Beliefs

Children are the world’s most precious resource. A family is a child’s first and most lasting influence; it is out belief that to meet a child's needs fully, we must work as a team with each family.

Our Goals at ten little fingers is that each child:
  • Feel loved and respected and in turn appreciate and respect all differences.
  • Grow, discover and develop intellectually,emotionally, physically and socially.
  • Learn to make appropriate choices, be a good friend and responsible citizen.

Ten little fingers Advantages

Ambience: We provide a Coiourful, warm and caring environment to prompt even the most shy of toddlers to relax. We stress on safety and maintain the highest standards of hygiene.

Our Faculty: We take great care in selecting teachers. They are further trained by the experts so that they give personalized care in motivating the budding minds to explore.

Individual Attention: A teacher student ratio of 1:10 is maintained to ensure that each child receives the proper amount of individual attention that is the key to a successful Multiple Intelligence Curriculum.

"Kids can add before they can count"